Trust me to help you get noticed, through professional networking on LinkedIn.  It will put you in the loop for opportunities.

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Think about that very first job you got.

Was it through family? A friend?  An acquaintance or from someone in your extended network.  Mine was.

This is the power of networking, and YES, the world is ‘smaller’ and more responsive with the internet.


Provide you with a professional profile on LinkedIn.  It will put you in the loop for opportunities through networking with others.

I was headhunted for my dream role.

In 2016, a company cold-called me based on a keyword search within LinkedIn.

My unique skills, qualifications and location meant that I was in demand.  It was surreal, considering I was based in remote NT.

I actually started in the dream role, delivering training in my profession.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a current platform for professional networking.  It’s often called the Facebook for professionals.  It’s very useful for uncovering career opportunities.

Benefits of LinkedIn.

  • Connect with your network including new and previous colleagues, family and old mates that you studied with.
  • Follow companies that you want to work with.
  • Search for vacancies with your dream companies.
  • Use it to apply for jobs online.
  • Stalk (not literally) people who have your dream role and plan your career.
  • Follow trend setters and heros in your field.
  • Join a group based on your interests.
  • Share your research and achievements.
  • Publish your knowledge.

Now for the important part – Your Profile

  • If you have an up-to-date resume this is very easy to build!
  • Create a login
  • Build your profile from your resume.
  • Set your visibility and privacy settings to suit your needs.
  • Bingo you’re set to go.

I can help…

If you would like to talk more or need assistance, give me a call or book a meeting.

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Happy Networking