Successful Interview Techniques

Trust me to help you prepare for a successful interview.


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When was the last time you did an interview?  How did you prepare?  Were you nervous?

Recruitment Process Overview

A cover letter or pitch attracts a recruiter’s attention, it’s a taster before feasting on the resume.

The resume confirms the recruiter’s first instinct and parades your knowledge, skills and experience.

An interview tests and confirms your ‘fit’ for the role and the organisation.


Trust me to assist you in preparing for a successful interview.

Do you find interviews stressful?

Congratulations if your letter and resume has got you to the interview stage.

Interviews can be stressful even if you are highly qualified for the role and know the recruiter!

Trust me, I’ve been there.  Plus face it, it’s a let down to miss out on a job after being interviewed.

Be confident with your interview preparation

Many of my clients haven’t done an interview in years!

Things have changed from the good old days where knowing someone was enough to get a job.

There are new interview styles and you may be competing with hundreds of electronic applications.

Techniques for Behavioural Based Interview Style

In a behavioural based interview, you are  asked to give practical work examples.

You need to highlight your technical and personal skills in a concise and clear manner.

Maximise your chances

I can  help you prepare for an interview.  It doesn’t involve Googling the perfect answers and I won’t give you a list of questions to memorise.

I have a structured and systematic way to help you prepare.

How much do you really want that job?

Check my calendar and book a 1.5 hour interview preparation session.

How much do you really want that job?