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Congratulations, in taking the first step in reaching a new career.

My resume and cover letter template makes it easy for you to structure and format your document in a modern, succinct way.

A modern and tailored resume and cover letter, increases your chances of a getting that dream job.


A modern Word Template for you to fill in your resume details.

How to Use it

Time: I recommend setting as  setting aside at least 3 hours to complete the document.

Training: Ensure you have a list of all previous training certificates.

Employment: Ensure you have a list of employers for the past 10 years.

Referees: Select two referees that you would like to use for your document

I’m here to help too

If you decide that you need assistance, I am happy to help.

My proven system has been developed from years of experience from both sides of the ’interview table’.  I will guide you through the recruitment process to employment.

About Prowse Business Solutions

Prowse Business Solutions (PBS) provides practical training, resume and business advisory services to individuals and businesses to help them reach their desired goals.

Prowse Services

I make job searching easy for you.  I can help you:

  • Search for for a role
  • Network via LinkedIn.
  • Prepare you for Behavioural Based Interviews.
  • Fill IT gaps in your resume through computer training.

Let’s get to it.