Trust us to be your in-house Business
improvement Specialists

We Are Your

Whether it’s for a one-off task, or complete business planning, we put in the hard work to become an invaluable and integral partner to your business. And we have over 15 years experience doing just that!


We Are Not Consultants

It’s not that we don’t like consultants but we prefer to get our hands dirty and not just leave you with a to-do-list.

We work collaboratively with you, on your team and join in the excitement of building your business value.


Your Outcomes Delivered

For Businesses

We love small projects with defined outcomes.

Simply, we train staff, write business plans, write funding applications, analyse data, and streamline business processes.

Your Outcomes

  • Business efficiency from using up to date computer programmes.
  • Productivity efficiency through streamlining processes.
  • Increased revenue through marketing and winning work.
  • Business growth through grant and funding applications.
  • Your wish is our command (within reason!)

For Professionals

We love hearing from inspirational professionals.

Simply, we offer career services including resumes, cover letters, selection criteria, interview preparation and LinkedIn assistance.

Your Outcomes

  • A modern up to date resume that reflects your history.
  • A tailored cover letter or selection criteria to answer the job advertisement.
  • A system to allow you to prepare for a stress free interview.
  • An up to date LinkedIn Profile.
  • Training to fill in those gaps in your resume.


I'm stoked, it's so easy to read.

I love my new resume, it matches where I am in life.

Resume Client

I'm so excited!  Your interview techniques really helped. 

I got the job!

Interview Techniques

Thank you for your attention to detail.

I got the job.

Resume Client

I didn't realise how technical applications can be. 

Thank you for stepping me through it.

Resume Client

I've enhanced my skill set, this enables me to provide valuable assistance to my work unit and wider department.

Training Client (Government Department)

Thank you, Thank you for your assistance in preparing our Grant application.

We were successful.

Grant Recipient

Thank you for assisting me to create my application.

I never would have completed it without your assistance.

Copy Writing